OTS – Expeditionary

USM Expeditionary Package: 503-9000-R1


The USM Expeditionary package was designed to fit into 3 of the smallest, lightest Pelican cases possible giving you everything you need to set up on a Vessel of Opportunity (VOOP) including IMU/motion sensor and GPS antennas. Comes with Installation manual and offset lookup table for easy, accurate and precise setup.

main case – 32″x20″x17″ 92 lbs

pole case – 44″x20″x9″ 104 lbs

VOOP case – 32″x20″x17″ 85 lbs

• All indexing and offsets are controlled with color coded index pins and quick-release levers.
• Main X-Pole case with base USM unit comes with a custom built-in tool kit for assembly and servicing in the field
• Pole case has 2 piece Z-pole, 2 Meter collapsible GPS pole and X wrench for raising/lowering sonar
• The third case is our VOOP case (Vessel of Opportunity) this case has everything needed including tools and hardware to clamp a USM system onto almost any vessel from gunnels as small as 2″ wide

• The Expeditionary Kit weights approximately 150 lbs installed on vessel