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OTS – Compact Package

Compact Package: 520-100-9001-01

Incorporating all the same functionality from our standard unit the USM Compact will change the way you survey.

Lighter and smaller with a redesigned shear block engagement mechanism that simplifies the design and allows for even faster setup and adjustment.

The footprint of the USM compact is just, 7.2″ wide (port-starboard) and 12″ long (fore-aft) and with the hinge option is just, 9.2″  x 12″.

The base unit weighs approximately 50 lbs and you can add all the same options as you can for our standard unit including:

-Travel cases:  All weights are fully loaded

Compact Model Case 22″x18″x12″ 67 lbs

Two-Piece Foil Pole Case 47″x18″x7″ 67 lbs

GPS Case 2m Spreader Bar 47″x18″x7″ 45 lbs

Vessel of Opportunity Case 20″x16″x8″ 42 lbs


-Hinge Option

-GPS Mast

-Spreader Bars

-Tilt Adapter


-Vessel of Opportunity kit

-IMU and SVS sensors