OTS – Compact Package

Compact Package: 520-100-9001-01

Incorporating all the same functionality Universal Sonar Mounts are known for the USM Compact will change the way you survey.

Lighter and smaller with a redesigned shear block engagement mechanism that simplifies the design and allows for even faster setup and adjustment.

The footprint of the USM compact is just, 7.2″ wide (port-starboard) and 12″ long (fore-aft) and with the hinge option is just, 9.2″  x 12″.

The base unit weighs approximately 50 lbs.

-Travel cases:  All weights are fully loaded

Compact Model Case 22″x18″x12″ 67 lbs

Two-Piece Foil Pole Case 47″x18″x7″ 67 lbs

GPS Case 2m Spreader Bar 47″x18″x7″ 45 lbs

Vessel of Opportunity Case 20″x16″x8″ 42 lbs

You can add most of the same options as you can for our HighTower model including:

-Hinge Option

-GPS Mast

-Spreader Bars

-Tilt Adapter


-Vessel of Opportunity kit

-IMU and SVS sensors

-Travel cases