OTS – HighTower Package + Hinge option

Part # 540-02-13-B

Available with 17″&21″ X pole upgrades.  Also available with Both hinge brackets or just a left or right bracket.

Allows the USM base unit to be recovered inboard of the gunnel and stowed when not in use while maintaining calibration.

There needs to be approximately 14″ of clearance inboard of the gunnel from the inboard edge of your base plate.

A block&tackle is a good way of hinging the unit in, we sell a kit under options.

Depending on what sonar you are using a more robust solution for hinging the unit may be required like a davit/winch setup.  We sell a davit and winch kit that is designed to bolt on/off a base plate.  It has an Electric marine winch with wireless control and is height and reach adjustable.