OTS – Standard Package – SOLD OUT

Standard Package: 500-9002-01


• Universal fixed plate can be bolted, or welded to the vessel, even clamped on with our Vessel of Opportunity Kit.
• Shear block design, allows the Z-pole to release if hit while vessel is underway, keeps vessel, crew and sonar safe.
• Repeatable hydrographic pole; no need to re-calibrate when raising and lowering the Z-pole, great for transiting.
• Designed for easy and accurate setup with built-in adjustability for sonar position and orientation.
• Z pole design allows for any sonar to be bolted on and off with USM flange kits.
• 1 spare shear block for breakaway action

• Weight of the base unit including standard Z pole and X pole is approximately 140 lbs.
• Z pole (Standard 60″. Can be customized)
• X pole (Standard 23″. Can be customized)
The USM Standard Package is available with these optional X-Pole and Z-Pole assemblies.

X-Pole 23″(Standard)X-Pole 23 (Standard)

X-Pole 31″X-Pole 31

Z-Pole 60″ (Standard)”Z-Pole 60

Z-Pole 36″Z-Pole 36

Z-Pole 72″Z-Pole 72

Z-Pole 84″Z-Pole 84