OTS – XL Package

XL USM Package: 500-9001-01


Another great addition to the USM lineup: The XL version of our standard mount. This version is designed to be used on larger vessels requiring Z pole lengths in the range of 10-20 feet; Z pole lengths come in 5′ and 10′ sections. We have scaled our standard mount up to meet the demands of large vessels that require a side mount application. We have also Incorporated all of the same repeatability and indexing of our standard products saving valuable time in setup and operation while maintaining vessel and sonar safety.

• Universal fixed plate can be bolted, or welded to the vessel.
• Shear block design, allows the Z-pole to release if hit while vessel is underway, keeps vessel, crew and sonar safe.
• Repeatable hydrographic pole; no need to re-calibrate when raising and lowering the Z-pole.
• Designed for easy and accurate setup with built-in adjustability for sonar position and orientation.
• Z pole design allows for any sonar to be bolted on and off with USM flange kits.
• 1 spare shear block for breakaway action
• Z-pole (Standard 20′. Can be customized)
• X-pole (Standard 36″. Can be customized)

• Weight of the base unit is approximately 400 lbs with 20′ of Z pole approximately 700 pounds