Stanford University Whale Research

USM provided custom installation support at our facilities in Sausalito, CA including on-water testing on a 22′ Radon multiuse research boat for Stanford University.  The solution was extremely stable through 8 knots with a blister array that can hold up to 4 transducers: 19.5″ wide x 54″ long x 8″ deep.  Their research involves measuring the concentrations of krill around foraging blue, humpback and fin whales in California. A lot of the work they do is in Monterey Bay and the Channel islands. The photos included are of the Big Sur coast line just south of Point Lobos, right after they had tagged two foraging blue whales.

“The mount designed and built for us by USM has changed the way we
think about high-quality acoustic data. The mount has allowed us to
deploy a 4 transducer scientific echosounder suite easily and safely off
of a small boat. Its stability through the water and capacity for cable
isolation has allowed us to collect some of the cleanest data I’ve ever
seen. For those in the know, at 6 kts survey speed we can collect 120
kHz data with an ek80 echosounder down to nearly 300 m and keep
background noise < -60 dB. It honestly makes me happy every time we
deploy the transducers with this mount.” – James Fahlbusch

We installed a custom support structure using our Compact model hinge plate bolted to the gunnel and a vertical support structure bolted to the deck.
We bolted their blister onto a 50″ single segment of the Compact foil pole with the hinge option for recovering inside the gunnel and the GPS mast for assisting with hinging-up.